Noticias Value Noviembre I

En esta primera edición de Noticias Value del mes de noviembre hacemos hincapié en artículos sobre los movimientos en el trimestre de alguos superinvestors. También compartimos la presentación donde Bill Ackman sale a defender su compra por Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (NYSE: VRX)

En español

1. Éxito personal: aprendiendo de una historia real (Invertir, Bolsa & Dinero)

En inglés

1. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger (Distilled to less than 500 Words) (25iq)

2. Tom Gayner's Holdings Trading Below the Peter Lynch Value (Tiziano Frateschi, Guru Focus)

3. Arnold Van Den Berg Sells Nine Holdings in Third Quarter (Tiziano Frateschi, Guru Focus)

4. Buffett Adds 3.5 Million Shares in Well-Performing Holding Phillips 66 (Sheila Dang, Guru Focus)

5. Sequoia Fund's Third-Quarter Letter to Shareholders (Cody Eustice, Guru Focus)

6. Tweedy, Browne Global Value Fund 3Q 2015 Letter to Shareholders (Holly LaFon, Guru Focus)

7. 18 books billionaire Warren Buffett thinks everyone should read (Business Insider)

8. How to be a Good Client (A Wealth of Common Sense)

9. Gross Profitability Ratio – The New Magic Formula? (Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio Blog)

10. (Valeant) Shipping drugs knowing that you probably won’t be paid (Glenn Chan's Random Notes On Investing)

11. Metaphors and Mental Models: The Key to Understanding (The Investor's Field Guide)

12. Here's Bill Ackman's full presentation defending his big Valeant bet (Business Insider)

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